Frequently Asked Questions

What are Flatlines?
An innovative new elastic lacing system for lace-ups that allows you to custom-fit your shoes to the shape of your feet.
Why are Flatlines more comfortable than normal laces?
Flatlines provide sufficient elasticity to compensate for any subtle changes in the shape of your foot during movement, which normal laces generally don't provide for.
Can I fit Flatlines to any type of footwear?
Flatlines are suitable for most types of lace-up shoes especially sports and athletic shoes. Flatlines may not be suitable for boots or shoes with metal hooks instead of standard eyelets.
What is the benefit of Flatlines' side-fastening option?
The side-fastening option leaves the top of your foot free from knots, bows or locking devices that may cause irritation during activity.
I have a latex allergy - are Flatlines safe for me to wear?
Flatlines are latex-free as they re made from the same material often used in the medical field and are thus non-allergenic.
My running shoes have fabric loops in place of standard eyelets - will Flatlines still work?
Yes they will. Although Flatlines are most effective through standard eyelets your custom-fit will still be maintained from run to run in shoes with the loop-style eyelets.
Which activities are Flatlines most suitable for?
Running, walking, aerobics, gym, skateboarding, triathlon, golf, in fact most sports that require lace-up shoes; and don't forget they are great for casual wear.


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