About Flatlines elastic laces

Less pressure...

A flat broader lace provides a larger surface area than cord-style elastic laces. The pressure caused by the tension in your laces is distributed evenly over this area reducing the 'cutting-in' effect.

Micro-adjustable tension

The profile of the lace combines with the nature of silicone to engage with your shoe’s eyelets allowing you to micro-adjust the tension in the lace between eyelets and keep it that way run after run.

No knots

No more worries about tying and untying knots.

No toggles

No toggles or cumbersome locking devices to bounce around on your feet!

No bows

No floppy bows that could easily come undone causing you to trip.

Flatlines combine comfort and practicality in allowing you to custom-fit your shoes to the shape of your feet.

Major benefits of Flatlines elastic laces

  • flat profile for greater comfort - no 'cutting-in'
  • elastic material allows for subtle changes in foot shape/size e.g. swelling during activity
  • maintains perfect fit for the wearer
  • no cumbersome locking devices
  • option to be side-fastening
  • no tricky knots to tie
  • converts lace-ups to slip-ons

The secret to Flatlines' outstanding performance lies in the nature of the material, its profile and it's interaction with your shoe's eyelets. While fitting Flatlines to your shoes you will notice it is more difficult to pull through the eyelets than normal laces. Flatlines grip the eyelets and resists its own movement; effectively producing an adjustable 'strap' between each pairing of eyelets along your shoe. This allows you to custom-fit your shoe to the shape of your foot confident your settings will be maintained. Once adjusted to your requirements, no subsequent adjustment is necessary - just slip your shoes on and off and experience exactly the same perfect fit every time.

Have you ever stopped to think about tying your laces or is it one of those tasks that you just take for granted? If you don't tie your laces it's a sure bet your shoes will fall off! So to keep your shoes on your feet you use the supplied laces and tie a bow, double bow or some other complicated knot; bows often somehow miraculosly untie themselves and knots can be almost impossible to untie. Regardless of the outcome, it's a process practically every one of us continues to experience on a daily basis.

OK - now you have sat, knelt, stood or squatted to tie your laces and you are thinking your shoes feel pretty comfortable. But for how long? You have tied your laces in a stationary position meanwhile it is necessary for your shoes to feel comfortable while you move. Your feet undergo a natural range of motion resulting in subtle changes to their width and height throughout each step-cycle (from impact to toe-off and back to impact). Most supplied laces have no, or little, elasticity and resist any tendancy your foot may have to widen at any stage of your step-cycle, thus increasing pressure at that point on your foot. As the lace is free to move throughout the shoe's eyelet arrangement the lace can compensate by 'borrowing' lace from a part of your foot that is subject to less widening, which in turn creates increased pressure at that point. If you figure how many steps you take during a day... that's alot of unwanted pressure on your feet!

This tightening and pressure can be alleviated to some degree by fitting ordinary elastic laces but these too are free to move through the eyelet arrangement also resulting in increased pressure along the foot. Often elastic laces are coated in a fabric to protect the elastic material from environmental conditions, which can can limit the lace's overall elasticity and is subject to fraying. And most elastic laces are supplied with a locking device that sits on top of your shoe providing additional irritation to your feet!

Flatlines provide a solution to all these problems. Manufactured from a specially formulated compound Flatlines provide the necessary amount of elasticity without compromising stability or control. Flatlines are completely weather-proof, non-allergenic and are supplied with an ingenious securing device that is light-weight and discreet.

Other benefits of Flatlines elastic laces

  • no untied laces to trip over
  • no floppy bows to worry about
  • no over-tightening
  • water-proof
  • stain-resistant
  • stylish